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GS | Author Jackie Sonnenberg | Apr 29, 2020

Thank you for tuning in to a special episode of Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky with author guest, Jackie Sonnenberg.

 Jackie is the author of the semyhR yresruN books, a Young Adult/Horror collection re-imagining the classic nursery rhymes as horror stories. With a background as a haunted house actor, Sonnenberg uses her writing and acting skill to develop dynamic characters with interesting back stories.

 She also loves to make original costumes depicting her characters for a full immersion experience into her world. She lives in Orlando, FL where being surrounded by imagination inspires her every day.

 Check out her Amazon author page at

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S10 Ep9 - Christian Basel & Legend of the Traveling Tardis - A Doctor WHO Radio Show | GOVC2020

Dear Geek Friends - welcome to DAY 2 of the Geek Out Virtual Con livestreaming event REPLAY from April 11 - 12, 2020.

In this segment, we have guest host from The Legend of the Traveling Tardis - A Doctor WHO Radio Show, Christian Basel, along with his compatriots, Melanie Dean and Jessica Womack.

The first part of this segment is our co-hosts waking up after a long night and a little bit of drinking. They're touching base, saying their good mornings and warming up the seat for another fun-filled day of panels and special guests.

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Links to where you can follow Christian and his radio show can be found at

S10 Ep8 - Meet Author Alan Baxter and our Filmmakers and Screen Writers Panel | GOVC2020

Thank you for tuning in to the replay of Geek Out Virtual Con 2020. This is the final video for DAY 1 of our two-day livestreaming event. We're closing off the day with Alan Baxter, the author of Obsidian, Abduction, and Bound, just to name a few.  

Be sure to visit Alan's profile on Geek Insider at  

His segment is followed by members of the Screen Writers and Filmmaking world. Our special guests include:  

- Adam Gonzalez of Gilded Harbor Productions LLC  

- Nora Fingscheidt, Screen Writer and Director of award-winning film, System Crashers 
(profile pending)  

- Mario Leone, Writer, Director and Fight Choreographer

- Matthew Smith, Writer, Filmmaker and Student 
(profile pending)  

- Eric Smith-Gunn of Enfuego Entertainment 
Visit his profile at  


S10 Ep7 - Women in Business | GOVC2020

Thank you for tuning in to the Geek Out Virtual Con REPLAY. In this segment, we feature WOMEN IN BUSINESS featuring Marianne Richards, Susanne Shoemaker, Pam Meisl-Smith, and Mauricia Malveaux. 

Our special guests come from all walks of life, backgrounds and passions in business, but there are many things we have in common; the right attitude and daring to pursue our passions to develop, create, empower and succeed.

Thank you to 

- Marianne Richards, StoryBrand Certified Marketing - MR Consulting

- Susanne Shoemaker, CEO of Undercare

- Pam Meisl-Smith, Evolution Partners Insurance

- Mauricia Malveaux, Artist & Actress, co-creator of The MusicMaker comic  

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S10 Ep6 - Enfuego Entertainment followed by Comic Books & Graphic Novels panel | GOVC2020

Thank you for tuning in to the Geek Out Virtual Con REPLAY.

In this segment, we feature ENFUEGO ENTERTAINMENT with Eric Smith-Gunn and Pam Meisl-Smith.

They are followed by comic book writers, artists, collectors and fans in our Comic Books and Graphic Novels segment.

Hosted by the Underground Indie Advocating Devil, Rob Andersin, Christian Basel, voice behind The Legend of the Traveling Tardis - A Doctor WHO Radio Show, and Matthew Harris of Geeky, Cheeky, and Downright Freaky show.

Special guests include: 

- Kat Calamia (Comic Uno) See her profile on

- Heroineburgh Connect with them at

- Chuck Pineau (profile pending)

- Marvin Wynn Visit his profile at

- Jason Quinn See his profile at


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GCDF | Georgia Guidestones, The Mandela Effect and the Worldwide Hum | Apr 22, 2020

In this debut livestream of Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky with host Matthew Harris. He's going to examine some of the weird things that's going on in the world.

This week, April 22, 2020, Matthew is discussing the Georgia Guidestones, the Mandela Effect and the Worldwide Hum. 

S10 Ep5 - Author Alley with Bond, McCormick, Morris, Smith, and Young | GOVC2020

Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 proudly presents Author Alley with our special guest authors in a casual, insightful, and fun panel. 

- - - - -

EVAN BOND - Author of Echoes of the Past Visit his profile at   

- - - - -

BILL McCORMICK - Author of funny apocalypses and bent multiverses Visit his profile at  

- - - - -

BRIAN K. MORRIS - Author of The Coldest Warrior and publisher with Rising Tide Publications Visit his profile at  

- - - - -

IRENE P. SMITH - Author of Dreams in Transit and Love is a Care Visit her profile at  

- - - - -

J. STEVEN YOUNG - Author of Trumpery Resistance Visit his profile at  

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S10 Ep4 - Athena Finger, Heiress to the Dark Knight and Rick Stafford, The True Aquaman | GOVC2020

 Geek Insider is very proud to present two special guests at Geek Out Virtual Con 2020: Athena Finger, Heiress to the Dark Knight, and Rick Stafford, The TRUE Aquaman. 

 They were both gracious in talking candidly about their stories and we are honored to meet them. 

- - - - -




S10 Ep3 - Indie Comic Creators in Comic Book Corner with Rob Andersin | GOVC2020

Thank you for tuning in to Geek Out Virtual Con REPLAY. The Indie Comic Creators panel is moderated by our amazing guest host, Rob Andersin, the Underground Indie Advocating Devil. Joining him are special guests (in no particular order):

- Jonathan Hedrick, creator of FREAKSHOW PRINCESS

- Bryan SilverBaX, freelance and cover artist of many variant covers and creator of LOGGERHEAD 

- Phil Falco, creator of HAUNTING #1 (in Kickstarter 2020)

- Daniel Kalban, creator of AMERICAN DREAMS

- Luke Stone, creator of HYBRIDS: The Son of Gods

- Travis Gibb, comic writer of BROKE DOWN AND FOUR DEAD BODIES 

- Preston Poulter, creator and owner of Pocketjacks Comics and writer of WHITE LILY 

S10 Ep2 - Meet Indie Originals and The Underpresence | GOVC2020

GEEK OUT VIRTUAL CON 2020 | April 11 - 12

- - - - -

Well, we're hearing it straight from Indie Originals' Jake Estrada, Chuck Fresh, and Steve Kurtzke from The Underpresence. Our special guests joined us for an hour of fun, telling tales of paranormal activity during their investigations, digging up old OUIJA boards (CRAZY!!!!), zombies and dancing Santas. **WHAT?!** 

This diverse group has multiple interests in areas of movie making, launching a made-for-TV series, writing, acting, and supporting indie creators of all flavors. (Zombies don't discriminate) 

We cannot wait for the world to open up again because Steve, Jake and Chuck are all about entertainment and outreach. They're going to make some "YUGE" scenes.

Give them a follow and tell them Geek Insider sent you.

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