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GS | David Del Valle, Host of Haunted Hollywood presented by Full Moon Features - July 30, 2020

Hello Friends and Fiends and welcome to a spooktacular episode of Geek Speak with our special guest, David Del Valle. 


He is the host of a new series called Haunted Hollywood that premiered seven episodes on Friday, July 31, 2020 and it's followed by one new show every Friday for the next 13 weeks.




David Del Valle has achieved national recognition as a journalist, columnist, film historian, radio & television commentator and is one of the leading authorities on the horror/science-fiction/cult & fantasy film genres.


David Del Valle produced and hosted a series of television interviews entitled "Sinister Image." His guests ran the gamut from Cameron Mitchell to Russ Meyer. His print articles and interviews have appeared in such publications as Cinefantastique, Scarlet Street, Cult Movies, Fangoria, The Dark Side (UK), Fantastyka and L'Ecran Fantastique of France for which he was also West Coast correspondent.


Del Valle recently completed a year as a radio host in Palm Springs, California in an entertainment-oriented program on AM as well as on the Internet around the world.




Geek Insider loves horror and Full Moon Features has been delivering since the 70s. For instant access to their videos, including HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD. 


Follow them for spooky entertainment. 


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CTP | Queen of the Paranormal - Kadrolsha Ona Carole | Jul 28, 2020

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is more than "just" a healer. Active in the paranormal community, she has been a police officer, an equestrian, and member of our military. She's also an actress, a publisher, a real-life superheroine, and a writer with an active social platform and reaches many people with her Paranormal 13 News Network. Her TV spots appear in a number of airports.

Not only does she actively seek opportunities to share her positivity with others, she's also enthusiastic about creating opportunities where none exist. She's a dear friend and an inspiration to all that know her. Join host Brian K. Morris for a very special Clever Title Pending. Your questions are welcome!

Kadrolsha's website:

And if you missed the livestream and want to watch the replay, CLICK HERE

GS | Annas Eskander - creator of EYVA - July 23, 2020

Welcome to Geek Speak with Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran. Our special guest, Annas Eskander is a fashion designer by trade but she's had an interest in creative writing. Additionally, she's written screenplays for film and television.

EYVA is her first comic book with art by Timothy Green II.



EYVA is a cyberpunk comic series set in a 23rd century world of bio-implants and intrusive surveillance. It has shades of the 80s sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Everything about you is streamed and monitored by an entity called MAINFRAME.

EYVA is currently available IN DEMAND on IndieGoGo

* ships worldwide (US folks - don't be afraid of the British Pound or the postage. It's very reasonable)


CTP | Romance Author CathyJackson and Book Designer Matthew “Mad Celt” Jackson | Jul 21, 2020

She's a popular inspirational romance author who regularly adds spice to her work. He's an extremely talented book designer and formatter. They work together, they attend shows together, and they're sharing their journey with the Nevermorians on this week's episode of Clever Title Pending. Please welcome back Cathy Jackson and her husband Matthew "Mad Celt" Jackson as they talk with host Brian K. Morris. Your questions are welcome.


Missed the livestream? CLICK HERE to watch the replay. 

CTP | Authors Karl Witsman and Donna Carlene | Jul 14, 2020

Please join special guests Karl Witsman and Donna Carlene as we talk about their varied writing career, self-publishing, and being broadcast personalities. We might even have a surprise or two in the wings... Who knows? In any case, bring your questions and let the interrogation begin!


Want to watch the video replay? CLICK HERE

CTP | Eric S. Hawkins - a special #iNDEEvent episode | Jul 11, 2020

Brian K. Morris the host of Clever Title Pending, sits with Eric S. Hawkins,  a successful comics artist/writer. Eric brings his knowledge of comic books and crowdfunding for a special #iNDEEvent episode of Clever Title Pending. Today we also have the pleasure of sharing the hosting seat with Christian Basel, the voice behind The Legend of the Traveling Tardis - A Doctor Who Radio Show. We talk about creativity and the business behind it. We also welcome YOUR questions. 
Want to watch the video replay? CLICK HERE

CTP | Terraform Comics with Rob Andersin, Meredith Loughran and Luke Stone | Jul 07, 2020

Want to start your own publishing gig? Want to present your work the way you want to? Whether it's comic books or novels, self-publishing is the choice of many creators and we have three awesome representatives from Terraform Comics this evening: Meredith Loughran, Rob Andersin and Luke Stone. 

Want to watch the video replay? CLICK HERE

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