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CiPWR | CiPtionary with Otis East - Nov 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

The CiP Network presents CiPtionary!  (Ethan came up with the name, blame him.)    

This is the show where Ethan, Ari, Nate and a guest come together and each of us give Ari something to draw, and the rest of us guess it.  Much like that game of a similar name. 

Otis East from Nerds with Melanin joins us again while we try something new! Join us!  

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Ethan, Ari, and Nathan come together, roll some dice, and then create a story.   And while we're at it, Ari creates character designs as we go.  Ever want to be a fly on the wall in a writer's room?  Now is your chance....      


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"Fearless First" by Kevin MacLeod ( )   
License: CC BY     

Creativity in Progress Theme song written and performed by Sam Stokes. Lyrics by Ethan Murphy, Nathan Beatty, and Ari Orner.      

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