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GS | Annas Eskander - creator of EYVA - July 23, 2020

July 23, 2020

Welcome to Geek Speak with Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran. Our special guest, Annas Eskander is a fashion designer by trade but she's had an interest in creative writing. Additionally, she's written screenplays for film and television.

EYVA is her first comic book with art by Timothy Green II.



EYVA is a cyberpunk comic series set in a 23rd century world of bio-implants and intrusive surveillance. It has shades of the 80s sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Everything about you is streamed and monitored by an entity called MAINFRAME.

EYVA is currently available IN DEMAND on IndieGoGo

* ships worldwide (US folks - don't be afraid of the British Pound or the postage. It's very reasonable)