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GS | Jess Harnell, Lead Singer of Rock Sugar and VO Actor | Dec 7, 2020

December 7, 2020

Rock/Hollywood icon, Jess Harnell, who is the voice of hundreds of beloved Hollywood characters including the Steven Spielberg-produced '90s cartoon "Animaniacs" (new episodes just released on Hulu), and is returning with his legendary band Rock Sugar where he takes the hard rock music of the 80's and 90s and smashes them with timeless and current pop hits.

Think Mötley Crüe covering Brittany Spears and you're getting warmer. Jess can be seen headlining major music festivals around the world with Rock Sugar and has shared concert bills with such legends as AC/DC, Linkin Park and Aerosmith.

Their new album is on Kickstarter at 

Welcome to Operation SOS: #SaveOurSugar

Follow Jess Harness on Facebook at and watch the latest video Shout at the Devil Dog All Night.

According to the KS video, Jess Harnell is a singer extraordinaire, voice acting legend, hair enthusiast, collector of pants, and lover of rhinestones.

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