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GS | Nate Todd, Singer/Songwriter - Revolutionary Loser - Oct 15, 2020

October 15, 2020

Nate Todd’s journey to his debut solo album, REVOLUTIONARY LOSER, has required everything the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has learned up until this point. That includes his involvement in activism from an early age (thanks, in large part, to his parents), learning to play music as a kid by watching his father and uncle’s band, co-founding the award-winning Colorado group, Whiskey Tango, and releasing his debut EP, Sky Cloud Machine, in April 2020.

In REVOLUTIONARY LOSER, Todd plays nearly all of the instruments including guitar, keys, bass and lap steel. He even mixed and mastered it himself! Tune in on the Geek Insider Podcast on your favorite listening app and subscribe to our YouTube channel at


Express written permission has been granted to Geek Insider/Geek Insider Podcast to include "Too Much" single by Nate Todd.

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