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S1 Ep5 - HotKey: The Official Podcast of Geek Insider | 09112013

September 12, 2013

This week, our host Frederick Johnson II and his comrades in Geekdom discuss FFXIV and  its server issues, Whore of the Orient, and Xbone information. They also discuss the relationship between game developers and players, as well as an evil tower that melts cars that park too close.

Host: Frederick Johnson II

Producer: Geek Insider


Podcast Overview

 3.27 - FFXIV Relaunch Servers Suck | Sony Offering FFXIV refunds

14.30 - Whore of the Orient Controversy

20.30 - Game developer/Player relationship

32.30 - Mighty No.9

40.35 - Zeus All-in-one 3d Printer

42.28 - Xbone Release Date & Upgrade

47.16 - Game Reviews Mess With Your Mind

55.09 - Evil London Tower Melts Car

58.54 – Robocop Trailer

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