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CTP | Authors Jackson, Adkins, and Reed Jr. Speak About Faith in Writing | Jun 16, 2020

June 16, 2020

Faith is very important, especially in difficult times. However, it doesn't always translate well into one's creative ventures. Some readers seek out faith-based work while others run from it.

On Clever Title Pending, we'll explore the importance of faith in one's writing. Does it influence the work or is it best to stay away from it? Brian K. Morris is joined by a trio of great writers, Romance author Cathy Jackson, Super Heroic author Tyrone Tony Reed, Jr., and Horror author David E. Adkins. So bring your questions and an open mind.


*** More about Brian K. Morris ***

Brian K. Morris is an independent publisher, hybrid author, award-winning playwright, and former mortician's assistant. Brian hosts a morning show called Nevermind the Furthermore on Facebook and YouTube as well as Clever Title Pending right here on your favorite podcast app. Follow him on Rising Tide Publications