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Sunday Comics Brunch - Nov 22, 2020 - Ep 007

November 22, 2020

Sunday Comics Brunch, ep 007, November 22, 2020. This show is in collaboration with ComiX News Wire and Geek Speak with your hosts : Rob Andersin and Meredith Loughran.

They're inviting some friends for brunch to chat. Please welcome our special guests this week.

With the planned break over because of election stuff and not a lot of comics news, Meredith mans the boards as Rob teases us with scenes from a real live comic con that he's attending! Sit back with C. Michael Lanning, Michael Oden and Chuck Pineau.


C Michael Lanning and Silverline Comics 

Meredith Loughran & #iNDEEvent 

Michael Oden 

Chuck Pineau


Grab your favorite morning beverage, let's talk comics and what's in the comics-related headlines! 



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