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May 8, 2020

Welcome to the Geek Insider Podcast

We have a wide range of fun and informative topics that cover many aspects throughout geek culture.  

The Geek Insider Podcast is organized by different seasons representing each of our shows. 

SEASON 1 - HotKeys

- Episode 1

- Episode 2

- Epidode 3

- Episode 4

- Episode 5


SEASON 2 - Lady Geek

- Interview with Detria Baker - Cosplayer

- Interview with the creative team of HIJAB, an Amazon Prime TV Show

- Interview with Joe Moe, Monster Man and Editor of Days of the Dead

- Interview with American Illustrator and Artist, Monte Michael Moore


SEASON 3 - Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky

- Worldwide Hum, the Mandela Effect, and the Georgia Guidestones

- Author Jackie Sonnenberg

- Proof that UFOs and Aliens EXIST


SEASON 4 - Geek Speak

- Cat Solen, Director of The Shivering Truth [adult swim] - A Geek Speak Interview May 7, 2020





SEASON 10 - Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Geek Out Virtual Con was a special 2-day livestreaming event across multiple platforms. We hosted several panels and special guests and are proud to present the replay here on Podbean. Below are the links to each segment. We hope you enjoy them. Share it out to your friends.

- Small Business & Marketing with Chuck Fresh and Dennis H. Lewis

- Meet Indie Originals and the Paranormal Investigative Team of The Underpresence

- Indie Comic Creators in Comic Book Corner with guest host, Rob Andersin

- Meet Heiress to the Dark Knight, Athena Finger and The TRUE Aquaman, Rick Stafford

- Author Alley with Bond, McCormick, Morris, Smith, and Young

- Enfuego Entertainment followed by Comic Books and Graphic Novels

- Women in Business

- Author Alan Baxter followed by Filmmakers and Screenwriters

- Christian Basel and The Legend of the Traveling Tardis - A Doctor WHO Radio Show

- Author Bill "McSciFi" McCormick followed by CUE Cards, the Universe and Everything

- Convention Prep with Rob Andersin, Christian Basel, Brian K. Morris and Onrie Kompan

- ICC Independent Creators Connection with Terance Baker

- Leonardo Corbucci of Cyborgs Universe followed by punk band, Sidewalk Furniture, and Kevin Guillotte of NSC LIVE TV

- Podcasters Panel

- Artist Alley

- The Gotham Cosplay